Topic 4: a reflection

I’ve enjoyed learning, through reading and discussing posts, about the range of ethical issues everybody has tackled this week. From shaming and to net neutrality, this topic has highlighted the various the impacts that social media has had on society.

Firstly, I commented on Phil’s post. He talked about a tweet of an overheard remark. I asked if the existence of Twitter means that we must be more careful how we speak. He agreed this was a scary prospect. Rarely in history have people had an opportunity to share so widely. This lead on to ‘fake news’, to what extent is Facebook etc. a publisher? Also, will any such filtering be biased? Should Facebook, a profit-seeking company, be the truth arbiter? I suggested better education as a partial solution, particularly fact checking.

I also commented on Callum’s post, which summarised the issues around the digital divide. Again, this was a problem of education. Also, with ‘net neutrality’, Callum argued that it should be upheld. However, I suggested that prioritised traffic could allow more people to access the Web, reducing the digital divide. He agreed it was important, citing the ‘pacemaker Netflix’ example.

Kindly, Wei commented on my post. He highlighted how employment policies should be careful considered, as “employers and employees often have different views”.  Also, issues around the US having a disproportionate say on Internet governance. Furthermore, I argued that legal systems should better take into account technological change, such as social media.

Finally, on my post, Wil and I discussed the novel idea of using professional social media in the workplace. I pointed out that these are different as the employer decides to set up and regulate them. Wil also highlighted that technologies often have associated ‘unintended consequences’. Finally, the ways in which people choose to use technology has a significant role.

Therefore, at the end of another week, my understanding of an extensive array of issues has developed.

Word count: 321


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