A reflection on topic 3

An infographic explaining the key points of this topic’s discussion

At the end of another topic, it’s time to reflect on what makes an engaging, authentic online professional profile based on everyone’s contributions.  The keys point that I’ve taken away can be seen in the infographic above.

This week has fostered a fruitful discussion across a verity of topics. In particular, Ji and I explored several issues in a wide-ranging thread on his blog. For example, how other professionals, such as photographers, might use the Web to showcase their work? Additionally, the problems employers may face online. Could endorsements be linked together to form a Web of trust to facilitate authenticity? Finally, what should be made of the declining use of CVs?

Secondly, Patricia and I covered how ‘people hire people’ and how this relates to the Web. Both on and off-line, relationship building requires effort but this doesn’t “have to be loud and constant” – there is a trade-off. Furthermore, the idea of a ‘personal brand’ is helpful as it improves consistency in profiles. Similar to Ji, what is the future of CVs, should we all have a video CV?

Wil’s post enlightened a quantitative/qualitative dimension that I had not previously encountered. When commenting we discussed privacy and online profiles, how can we strike a ‘sharing balance’? Also, do McLuhan’s ideas of ‘the medium is the message’ mean that the Web is necessarily different?

Additionally, there were a couple of threads on my own post. Firstly, ‘Baby Boomer’ asked if more should be done to make the use of online tools more equal. I agreed and suggested that training and guidance could be provided at a range of life stages. Particularly as access to these tools are important, not just professionally, so more widespread access is vital.

Finally, Wil also commented on my post. He stated how “avoiding inauthenticity” creates more authentic profiles. We also discussed the problem of spam online.

All in all, interacting and researching this topic has given me a much greater insight into authentic professional profiles.

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