Introduction and self-test

Hi everyone, this is my blog for the UOSM2008 module taught at the University of Southampton. You can read about me here.

This post is my ‘self-test’ where I analyse my skills at the start of the module, in order to go back to them at the end and reflect on what I have learnt.

  Rating at start of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information


4 Over the last few years of Web Science study, I have become competent in collecting and using a range of online information. However, there is still more that I can learn.
Participating in online communities



2 In the last few years I’ve not participated in many online communities. In the past, however, I have been part of several online forums.
Building online networks around an area of interest



2 I have various networks of online contacts. But I’ve not tried to build these around particular topics before.
Collaborating with others on shared projects



4 As part of my degree, we’ve undertaken several group projects. Also, when working over the summer I’ve worked with people all around the world using digital technologies.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



4 I am a fairly competent user of various image, video and audio technologies. However, I am not an expert.
Managing your online identity



3 My digital profile stretches over many different platforms and websites. But I’ve not put a huge amount of effort in being active on all of these or consistent over them.
Managing your online privacy and security



4 I have a strong cyber security background. But I’ve not spent a huge amount of time managing my own privacy.

Q1 Why did you choose the module?

It is compulsory on the Web Science degree and I am also interested in the impact of digital technologies on the social life.

Q2 What in particular do you want to learn from the module?

How to more effectively leverage online networks for the development of my career. It is also a good way to dedicate some time to understanding these concepts.

Q3 Which degree programme are you studying?

Web Science (Computer Science) BSc (third year)

Q4 Have you studied online before?

I did the Web Science MOOC before coming to Southampton several years ago.


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